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Camp Days & Times

July 22 – August 2, 2024
10am – 2pm Monday – Friday for 2 weeks
August 3, 2024
6pm – 9pm Saturday Showcase Performance

It’s Getting Close!

It’s Getting Close!

We’re less than two weeks from kicking off the Rap America Project Summer Camp for 2024, and trust me, it’s way more than just a camp. This is your chance to level up your rap game and dive deep into the world of hip hop. The Rap America Project Summer...
We’re So Pumped!!!

We’re So Pumped!!!

We can’t wait to get started. There’s so much that’s happening to get the Rap camp ready. Our last meeting was a fun time with all the key players. We even took a break to hear Zero rapping. There’s so much planning and preparing getting ready...